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45 Years in the field

Our office is staffed by reliable associates, committed to safeguarding your interests. We provide the best solutions for you and your business in Accounting – Tax – Labor – Inheritance – Cadastral – Corporate – Abroad – Subsidized Programs



Organization and comprehensive support of any type of business



We propose the best solutions in matters of development, modernization and reorganization.



Our office is staffed by reliable partners, committed to safeguarding your interests
Consistently and reliably, and using the most up-to-date software on the market, we respond promptly and effectively to the needs of any entity, company or individual, and support our partners in their quest for a better and more profitable future.

Since 1974

Our accounting office has been operating in Acharnes, Attica since 1974. Our education, our continuous professional training and our experience are a guarantee for the provision of high quality services.

Our clients and our partners throughout Greece and abroad have ranked us in the first places in the accounting offices, in Acharnes. The level of experience, knowledge and service provision is so high that it provides clear solutions to your accounting – tax problems.

Online Consulting

Aligning with technology updates

λογιστικο γραφειο Βαγγελη νικα - υπηρεσιες online λογιστη
The needs of our time and the constant changes in the tax and labor landscape have led us to create such a base, so that our customers enjoy special treatment packages at the tax – audit – legal – computer level and are not faced with problems, which they should not bother them.

Online Consulting

Equipped with prompt and friendly service and understanding the special needs of each customer, we offer complete solutions to all your issues.

New businesses

Start your new business plan with sure steps, through a complete Business Plan and an effective Marketing Strategy.
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New Business?

Our consultants will ensure the correct and safe start of your business venture by undertaking everything from A to Z.