Consultant Services

Services For Your Every Need

In a complex and destructive tax framework, existing and emerging companies are called upon to make immediate and methodical strategic decisions that are inextricably linked to their viability. We have the experience to actually help modern businesses. Having developed the required know-how, so that we can record the real needs of the customer, suggest services tailored to his needs and monitor their effective implementation. Through a range of consulting services, we strive to contribute positively, proposing the best solutions for development, modernization and reorganization.

Accounting organization

- Organization of computerized business accounting with haplographic (B 'cat.) Or diplographic (C' cat.) Books.
- Utilization of the existing computer system. (2nd cat.) Or diplographic (3rd cat.) Books.
- Possibility of reorganization of accounting with modern ERP information systems. (2nd cat.) Or diplographic (3rd cat.) Books.
- Creation of automated tasks and schedule of tasks and obligations. (2nd cat.) Or diplographic (3rd cat.) Books.
- Consulting accounting, tax and computer services. (2nd cat.) Or diplographic (3rd cat.) Books.
- Organization of internal control systems and processes.

NSRF Financing Support

- Providing Information on SME Financing Opportunities
- Writing / Submitting SME Financing Proposals
- Management of SME Financing Projects